Police Chief, Mark A. Davis

By providing our citizens with a high-level of comfort and security, the Calumet Park Police Department is here to serve our community! We look forward to serving you as either a member or visitor to our community!

I ask each resident of this community to join me in upholding that promise and working with me to ensure that the Village of Calumet Park will be "The Place to Be."

Mark A. Davis
Chief of Police

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My career as a police officer has spanned 35 years, providing me with an experience and knowledge that has become priceless. Serving the community has been my motto, acknowledging that the people of the community are my clients and they deserve the best that their tax money can buy.

I firmly believe that all citizens have an obligation to participate in the maintenance of order, while delegating to police officers, whose salary they pay their collective authority to enforce the law. As Chief of Police for the Village of Calumet Park I will continue to offer the residents of this privileged community a platform for you to actively work in partnership with me to solve the problems in your community.

The Calumet Park Police Department has shown remarkable improvement under my leadership and I pledge to continue to work diligently to safeguard the authority and public trust vested in the department and to uphold the law and the rights of all citizens of this community. There is nothing more rewarding than the accomplishment of securing public confidence. It is my solemn promise to persist in my efforts to provide this community with a cadre of well-trained, courteous and professional police officers who are dedicated to serving and protecting the lives and property of the residents of the Village of Calumet Park.

Police Chief, Mark A. Davis