Bob Talski, Public Works Dept. Superintendent
The Public Works department began in the late 1920's with 1 dump truck. The majority of the original streets, sidewalks, sewers and water mains were constructed by the WPA.  
Today, we employ 12 full time employees who maintain the water system as well as streets, sidewalks and alleys. The Village Calumet Park has an excellent reputation for prompt snow removal and responding quickly to water main breaks.  
In 1982 we constructed the first water storage facility located next to the village garage, we are in the process of constructing a second water tank that will be located in the rear of the Raceway Shopping Center.  
Beginning in the spring of 2005 we will start a 3-year project to upgrade the residential water meters. This will be at no cost to the homeowner and will allow the water department to read the meters with out entering the resident's homes.  
Bob Talaski is the Public Works Superintendent. Bob has been employed by the Village since 1970.  
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